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During my time as a client at Transformation Healthcare, an incredible transformation has taken place within me. I have learned the art of self-love, and my self-esteem has reached heights I never dreamed possible. This program is unlike any other I've encountered, as it has instilled a deep confidence and unwavering belief in me. For the first time, I have encountered a community that genuinely trusts and supports me.

In particular, I am indebted to my therapist, Iionii. She has proven to be an exceptional guide on my journey. With her, I've discovered the courage to share aspects of myself that I previously held back. This level of openness extends to the entire staff at Transformation. They create an environment where I can be 100% authentic, fostering a sense of belonging and worthiness that I had long yearned for.

The staff's collective dedication has granted me the profound realization that I matter, that I hold significance. For this, I am eternally grateful. This sense of gratitude fuels my determination to continually strive for excellence and make them proud. On August 16th 2023, I celebrate three years of sobriety — a remarkable milestone that speaks volumes of my recovery journey.

As I gaze forward, my optimism is unwavering, thanks to the unyielding support of the Transformation staff. In particular, Lionii, Anthony, Brittany, and Nayana hold a special place in my heart. While the entire staff contributes to my progress in their unique ways, these four individuals have made an extraordinary impact on my life and recovery.

Thank you for your pivotal roles in my growth, my well-being, and my continued journey to success.

Thank you THI family,

Christopher Roth