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Greetings, I'm Jack, and my voyage with Transformation Healthcare commenced in April of 2023. Back then, I was shattered and weighed down by depression, trapped in the belief that my addiction and mental health struggles were insurmountable. However, this perception was about to be profoundly altered.

From the moment I stepped through the doors, the incredible staff welcomed me with open arms, setting me on a path of transformation. Within a mere 12 hours, I found myself consulting with doctors, psychiatrists, and Brittany, a substance abuse counselor. Their combined guidance helped me chart a new course, placing me on the trajectory of recovery.

The urgency they demonstrated led to my swift entry into a sober living environment, a crucial cornerstone in my journey. This provided me not only with safety but also with a sanctuary from life's turmoil. Additionally, it paved the way for me to confront the underlying mental health components that had played a pivotal role in my addiction.

Today, I stand sober, an achievement I've sustained since I first walked into their embrace. I am reclaiming my role as a husband and father, guided by the diligent work we undertake together. The staff, both individually and collectively, exhibit an extraordinary level of care and attentiveness. Their approach has revitalized my life, rekindling my faith.
Equipped with the tools and support they provided, I've undergone a profound transformation. I am honored to now serve as the house manager in Columbia, working alongside fellow warriors in the battle against addiction and dual diagnoses. This is my way of giving back, step by step, day by day.

As I look ahead, I anticipate a bright future, nurtured by the guidance they've always offered me. Each morning, I wake with a clear mind and renewed faith, ready to impart the messages of hope I've encountered. If you're committed to reshaping your life, I wholeheartedly recommend joining this incredible community. It's a space where you, too, can initiate your journey toward transformation.

With peace and love,

Jack Mulhare